CENRO Loreto is situated at Poblacion, Loreto, Agusan del Sur. Its administrative jurisdiction embraces the municipalities of Loreto, Veruela comprising 41 barangays covering a total land area of 141,552 hectares. It is situated within the grid square of 7 degrees and 55 minutes to 8 degrees, 15 minutes north latitude; 125 degrees, 20 minutes to 125 degrees east longitude.


It is bordered on the east by the municipalities of Bunawan and Sta. Josefa, on the north by the municipality of La Paz, on the south by the Province of Compostela Valley and on the west by the Province of Bukidnon.


Accessibility to CENRO Loreto from outside (from the trans-national highway) could be taken in four (4) different routes: Bah-bah-Talacogon-La Paz-Loreto route, Davao-Laak-Loreto route and Bunawan-Loreto route. The first three routes are via a combination of concrete roads and mostly dirty roads. And the last is by a motorboat cruising the Agusan River.


Land area by Congressional District

Municipality Area (has.) District Name of Representative
Loreto 103,269 I Hon. Adolph Edward G. Plaza
Veruela 38,283 I Hon. Adolph Edward G. Plaza
Total 141,552    



Land Classification

Municipality Timberland (has.) Alienable & Disposable (has.)
Loreto 78,939 24,330
Veruela 23,509 14,774
Total 102,448 39,103


Area of Production and Protection Forest

Municipality Production Forest (has.) Protection Forest (has.) Total Forestland
Loreto 65,861 13,078 78,939
Veruela 22,327 1,182 23,509
Total 88,188 14,260 102,448


Production Forest

Municipality Tenured Forest (has.) Untenured Forest (has.) Total Production Forest (has.)
Loreto 65,587 274 65,861
Veruela 4,734 17,593 22,327
Total 58,745 29,443 88,188