Private Land Timber Permit a permit issued to a landowner for the cutting, gathering and utilization of naturally grown trees in private lands. (DENR Administrative Order No. 2000-21)

  • Letter application of landowner;
  • Authenticated copy of land title/CLOA with approved sketch map of area applied for;
  • Development plan, if application covers ten (10) hectares or larger with at least 50% of the area covered with forest trees;
  • Endorsement from any of the following LGU officials: a) Barangay Chairman, b)Municipal/City Mayor, or c) Provincial Governor concerned;
  • Endorsement by Local Agrarian Reform Officer for areas covered by CLOA;
  • Inventory based on existing regulations;
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) as basis in issuance; and
  • Certification from the CENRO concerned that the land subject of PLTP/SPLTP application is within a certified A and D land.