Special Land Use Permit/Agreement is a privilege granted by the State to a person to occupy, possess and manage in consideration of specified return, any public forest lands for a specific use or purpose. (FAO 8-3, as amended)

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  • Application form duly accomplished and notarized (5 copies)
  • Proof of payments of:
  • Application fee - P300.00 per application for all Special Land Use Permits
  • Annual Rental:
    • Below 1 hectare -P 70.00
    • 1 hectare to 5 hectares – P 150.00/ha
    • over 5 hectares – P 250.00/ha
    • The rentals shall be subject to change based on the appraisal or re-appraisal of the land under lease and its improvement. If an appraisal or re-appraisal has been made, it shall not be less than three percentum (3%) of the appraisal or re-appraisal value of the land and one percentum (1%) of that of the improvements. Provided, that should the term of the lease be 25-years, a re-appraisal may be made every five (5) years from the date of issuance thereof.
  • Forestry Bond - Twice the amount of annual rental
  • Copies of Incorporation Papers duly certified as true and correct by the Securities and Exchange Commission, if applicant is a partnership or corporation (2 copies).
  • Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC), if the applied area is within declared environmentally critical area or considered as environmentally critical project enumerated under Proc. 2146 dated December 14, 1981.
  • Written consent/permission from Department Head, if applicant is a government employee (3 copies).
  • Inspection report together with survey returns (sketch map and field notes).
  • Xerox copies of Income Tax Return during the two (2) preceding  calendar year (2 copies)
  • Business plan/program (3 copies)