CENRO Talacogon is based at Brgy. Del Monte, Talacogon, Agusan del Sur. The CENR Office building and its improvement has an area of Three Thousand Three hundred Fourteen (3,314) square meter. Its territorial jurisdiction covers Two Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Eleven (257,811) hectares. This comprises of Three (3) municipalities and Fifty Seven (57) Barangays. It is bounded on the North by CENRO Bayugan, on the South by CENRO Loreto, on the East by the municipality of San Francisco and on the West by the Province of Bukidnon.



The CENR Office is approximately Twenty Six (26) kilometers away from the PENR Office which can be reach by land.


Land area by Congressional District

Municipality Area (has.) District Name of Representative
San Luis 77,410 I Hon. Maria Valentina G. Plaza
Talacogon 58,873 I
La Paz 121,528 I Hon. Evelyn Plaza Mellana
Total 257,811    


Land Classification

Municipality Timberland (has.) Alienable & Disposable (has.)
San Luis 67,380 10,030
Talacogon 46,586 12,287
La Paz 107,223 14,305
Total 221,189 36,622


Area of Production and Protection Forest

Municipality Production Forest (has.) Protection Forest (has.) Total Forestland
San Luis 48,084 19,296 67,380
Talacogon 24,549 22,037 46,586
La Paz 58,845 48,378 107,223
Total 131,478 89,711 221,189